Community Pattern April – Easter Tree & Eggs

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For 2022 we will design and post one large and intricate pattern per month. For April we have chosen a holiday themed Easter pattern as the community pattern! This community pattern will be available for free until the next one has been posted. Please make sure to add the pattern to your account before that. 

This fun and colourful community Easter Pattern combines all great Easter thing and can be stitched in multiple ways!

You can stitch up individual eggs or arrange multiple eggs horizontally or vertically.
The eggs can be finished in any color you want! I have included four color combinations for your convenience and inspiration.
You can add four eggs of your choice to the Easter tree. Stitch up the tree first
The Stitchonomy sparkles are optional for some extra pizzazz!

Egg Warmer Finishing Instructions:

Fold over the fabric on both sides to the desired size and finish with a blanket stitch. Then fold over the egg (size will of course depend on egg size) keep in place with a pin and use a simple sewing back stitch to attach both ends.

Warm Wishes and Happy Stitching!

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