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Originality and Ownership #

Ensure that the patterns or photos you upload are your original work or that you have obtained the necessary permissions from the original creator by purchasing a pattern. Respect copyright laws and intellectual property rights. Everything on the internet is made by someone – please respect that!

Accuracy and Attribution #

Provide accurate descriptions and attributions for your patterns and photos. Include any relevant information about the design, materials used, and stitching techniques. If you’re sharing a pattern created by someone else, always credit the original designer.

Appropriate Content #

Ensure that the content you upload is appropriate for all ages and aligns with the values of our community. Avoid sharing patterns or photos that contain offensive, explicit, or sensitive material.

Clear Communication #

Clearly communicate any terms of use or restrictions associated with the patterns or photos you upload. For example, if you’re sharing a pattern for personal use only, make sure to specify this in the description.

Feedback and Collaboration #

Encourage feedback and collaboration from other members by being open to constructive criticism and suggestions. Respectfully engage with comments and inquiries about your patterns or photos.

Reporting Inappropriate Content #

If you come across any patterns or photos that violate our content guidelines or infringe upon intellectual property rights, please report them to the moderators for review. We rely on the community to help maintain a positive and respectful environment for all members.

Respect for Traditions and Cultures #

Show respect for different stitching traditions and cultural practices. Avoid appropriating designs or motifs that are sacred or culturally significant without understanding their meaning or context.

By adhering to these content guidelines, you contribute to creating a welcoming and supportive community for cross stitch enthusiasts. Thank you for your cooperation and for sharing your creativity with us!

Updated on 2024-04-25
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