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Glossary of Cross Stitch Terms #

Aida Cloth #

Aida cloth is a popular fabric used for cross stitching. It is woven with regularly spaced holes or “blocks” that make it easy to count stitches.

Backstitch #

A stitching technique used to add outlines or fine details to a cross stitch design. It involves stitching a single thread along the desired path, often in a contrasting color.

Blending Filament #

A specialty thread used in cross stitch to add sparkle or shine to a project. Blending filament is often combined with regular floss for added effect.

Bobbin #

A small spool or reel used to organize and store lengths of embroidery floss. Bobbins can be made of plastic, cardboard, or other materials and are commonly used to prevent tangling.

Counted Cross Stitch #

A technique where stitches are made directly onto a fabric grid based on a chart or pattern. Stitchers count the number of fabric threads to determine the placement of each stitch.

Cross Stitch #

A basic embroidery stitch formed by making two diagonal stitches that intersect to form a small “X” shape. It is the fundamental stitch used in most cross stitch projects.


A well-known brand of embroidery floss commonly used in cross stitching. DMC offers a wide range of colors and is known for its quality and durability.

Evenweave #

A type of fabric commonly used for cross stitching that has an even thread count both horizontally and vertically. Evenweave fabric produces a smooth and uniform stitch appearance.

Fabric Count #

The number of fabric threads per inch in cross stitch fabric. Fabric count determines the size of the stitches and the overall size of the finished project.

Floss #

Individual strands of embroidery thread used in cross stitching. Floss is typically made from cotton or silk and comes in a wide range of colors.

Frogging #

The process of removing stitches from a stitch along project due to mistakes or errors. Frogging can be frustrating but is sometimes necessary to maintain the integrity of the design.

Full Cross Stitch #

A complete cross stitch made by stitching both diagonal stitches of the “X” shape. Full cross stitches are used to fill in areas of a cross stitch design.

Half Cross Stitch #

A cross stitch made by stitching only one diagonal stitch of the “X” shape. Half cross stitches are often used for smaller details or to create a textured effect.

Hoop #

A circular or oval frame used to hold fabric taut while stitching. Hoops come in various sizes and materials, such as wood or plastic.

Needle Minder #

A small magnetic accessory used to hold needles while cross stitching. Needle minders attach to the fabric and keep needles easily accessible during stitching sessions.

Needlework #

A broad term that encompasses various forms of decorative stitching, including cross stitch, embroidery, and needlepoint.

Pattern #

A visual guide or chart that shows the design, colors, and stitches required to create a cross stitch project. Patterns can be printed on paper or available digitally.

Stitch Along (SAL) #

A collaborative stitching event where participants work on the same project simultaneously, following a predetermined schedule and sharing their progress with the community.

Stitch Count #

The number of stitches used to create a cross stitch design. It is often specified in patterns to help stitchers estimate the size and complexity of a project.

Stitch Marker #

A removable marker used to indicate the center or starting point of a cross stitch project. Stitch markers help stitchers keep track of their progress and ensure accurate stitching.

Stitching in Hand #

A technique where the fabric is held and manipulated by hand while stitching, without the use of an embroidery hoop or frame.

Thread Conditioner #

A product used to condition embroidery floss and prevent tangling or fraying during stitching. Thread conditioner can be wax-based or silicone-based and is applied directly to the floss before stitching.

Thread Organizer #

A tool used to organize and store embroidery floss for easy access during stitching. Thread organizers come in various designs, including bobbins, cards, and plastic boxes.

WIP (Work in Progress) #

A cross stitch project that is currently being worked on but is not yet finished. Stitchers often share photos of their WIPs to show their progress and seek feedback from other members.

Woven Fabric #

A type of fabric used for cross stitching that is woven with evenly spaced holes or “blocks.” Woven fabric comes in various thread counts and is suitable for different stitch densities.

Updated on 2024-04-25
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