The Pattern Club Documentation

1. Go to The Pattern Club Website #

To get started with The Pattern Club, head over to our website. There, you’ll find all the info you need, like what we offer, our cool features, and of course the price.


When you’re ready to join, just click the big orange “JOIN THE PATTERN CLUB!” button. It’s right up there in the top corner. Easy, right?

3. Click on the Switch to choose the billing cycle #

Now, you’ll need to decide how often you want to pay. We offer monthly and yearly plans, with a nice 20% discount if you go for the yearly one. Take a minute to pick the option that suits you best. You can also choose a free membership which comes with limited features.

4. Click on the Switch to choose the billing cycle #

If you’d rather pay monthly, no problem. Just flip the switch to see the monthly prices. Everything’s laid out clearly so you can see exactly what you’re getting into.

5. Click on JOIN TODAY! #

Once you’ve decided, it’s time to sign up. Hit “JOIN TODAY!” and review your choice. Make sure you’re happy with your pick before you move on.

6. Click on JOIN TODAY! #

Here you can review your order and purchase this subscription as a gift if you would like.

7. Fill out your billing details #

Next up, fill in your billing details. We’ll need your name, address, and payment info.

8. Fill in your email address. #

And don’t forget your email address! That’s how we’ll keep in touch with you.

9. Choose either credit card or PayPal #

When it comes to paying, you can use a credit card or PayPal. Just choose the option that works best for you and follow the prompts to complete your payment.

10. Click on I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions #

Before you’re all set, make sure to read and agree to our website’s terms and conditions. It’s all pretty standard stuff, but it’s good to know what you’re agreeing to.

11. You will receive an email with further instructions #

Once your order’s confirmed, you’ll get an email with instructions on setting up your account.

12. Click on Click here to set your new password. #

Just follow the link and set a password that’s secure but easy to remember.

⚠️ #

Create strong, unique passwords with a mix of characters, consider using passphrases, whenever possible. Stay vigilant against phishing attempts, keep your devices secure, and consider using a reputable password manager for added protection.

13. Click on SAVE #

Hit “SAVE” to confirm your account settings, and you’re done!

14. Click on LOGIN #

Now you can log in using your new credentials. Don’t forget to check the “remember me” box if you want to skip this step next time.

15. Go to My account – The Pattern Club #

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be taken to your account dashboard. From there, you can explore all the cool stuff The Pattern Club has to offer.

Quick Guide #

  1. Visit The Pattern Club website.
  3. Choose your billing cycle.
  4. Review your order and join.
  5. Fill out billing details.
  6. Provide your email address.
  7. Select payment method (credit card or PayPal).
  8. Agree to terms and conditions.
  9. Check your email for setup instructions.
  10. Set your password.
  11. Save your account settings.
  12. Log in with your new credentials.
  13. Explore your account dashboard.
Updated on 2024-04-30
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