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Imagine a social networking site tailor-made for cross stitch enthusiasts like you!

 This is your space to connect, share, and stitch alongside a global community of like-minded creatives. Welcome to the cross-stitcher’s hub where threads intertwine, creativity blooms, and friendships flourish. Join us and let the stitching conversations begin!

Engaging in cross stitching is not just a form of self-care -
it's a journey that allows us to unwind and focus.

But hey, let’s face it, cross stitching can sometimes feel like a solo gig, right? One that is not always shared by our friends and family.

It’s in the joy of sharing our progress with others who are just as enthusiastic as us that stitching truly becomes a communal and fulfilling experience!


Get ready for a cross stitching adventure like no other!

The Pattern Club is your go-to online hub for daily cross stitch patterns and a calendar packed with exciting Cross Stitch Events throughout the year. 

Join us, and let’s turn every stitching moment into a bubbling fountain of creativity and joy!

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Why stitch alone when you can share the fun?

Cross stitching alone? That’s so last season! Imagine diving into the colorful world of cross stitching with a gang of fellow stitch enthusiasts. 

It’s not just about the patterns; it’s about the laughs, the shared victories, and having a bunch of stitching buddies to turn those “oops” moments into “aha” ones! 

Joining The Pattern Club isn’t just a membership; it’s an invitation to a stitching fiesta! Let’s make those stitches pop together and turn our solo cross stitch sessions into lively, joy-filled gatherings!

With our new and improved Community Dashboard you are more connected than ever to cross stitchers from all over the world!

One new cross stitch pattern every single day

Whether you’re a beginner looking for a quick project or a seasoned stitcher seeking a challenging design, we’ve got you covered.

Explore an array of cross stitch themes at The Pattern Club, ranging from nature and holidays to quotes and classic samplers. 

Our collection encompasses a diverse range, offering options for every stitching preference. 

Pattern Library with over

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Cross Stitch Patterns​

Join The Pattern Club and unlock a treasure trove of over a thousand cross stitch patterns! 

From floral designs and adorable animals to intricate mandalas and pop culture references, we cater to every stitching passion!

Exciting Stitch Alongs!

Experience the joy of collaborative cross stitching with our Stitch Alongs (SALs) at Stitchonomy! 

Join stitchers from around the world in a shared adventure. As a participant, you’ll receive mystery patterns, stitch them piece by piece, and enjoy sharing your progress. 

Engage in lively discussions, provide inspiration, and witness diverse interpretations of the same design. 

Stitcher’s Toolbox

When you join The Pattern Club, you’ll also gain access to our fantastic “Stitcher’s Toolbox” – designed just for cross stitch enthusiasts like you.

It includes a helpful “fabric size calculator” to make fabric sizing a breeze, and a “substitute floss tool” for those thread emergencies.

Big Discounts

Enjoy a 15% discount on all products in the Stitchonomy store as well as on SAL supply kits. You will also get a whopping 50% off previous Stitch Along patterns and retired patterns.

Don’t miss out on these exclusive perks and discounts! Subscribe now and become a part of our vibrant community!

Influence Content

Your input matters, and we’re here to make your cross stitching dreams come true. 

As a valued member, you can influence our future content and patterns through fun polls. Want more florals, adorable animals, or intricate masterpieces? It’s up to you!

YOU are the kind of stitcher we had in mind when creating The Pattern Club if...

If you love starting each day with a touch of creativity and thrive on the joy of discovering a new cross stitch pattern daily, The Pattern Club caters to creative spirits eager to embrace the beauty of daily stitching adventures.

If you appreciate the value of connection and seek more than just a solitary stitching experience. As a member, you're not merely part of the club; you're a member of a global family of cross stitch enthusiasts. Engage in lively discussions, share progress, and build lasting connections with fellow stitchers. Here, your stitching journey is not just about patterns; it's about forging friendships and creating a tapestry of shared memories.

If you're a trendsetter who enjoys influencing the future of cross stitching and possesses a unique taste.Here, you're not just a member; you're the captain steering the ship, shaping the content, and ensuring your cross stitching journey aligns with your preferences. Your voice matters, and we provide the canvas for you to paint your stitching dreams.

If you're a dedicated cross stitcher who revels in the joy of completing each project. Here, you're not stitching alone; you're part of a vibrant community where every finished piece is a shared triumph. Your commitment is rewarded with exclusive perks.

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Hi there, I’m Jasper, and I’m thrilled to be Alyssa’s partner in this cross stitch journey!

I take pride in being the go-to person for all things customer service, making sure your Stitchonomy experience is as seamless as can be. 

Additionally, I manage the administrative side of things and, of course, add a dash of fun to keep our stitching community lively.

When I’m not busy ensuring everything runs smoothly, you might catch me on one of my exciting travel adventures, gathering fresh inspiration for our cross stitch creations. 

With me by Alyssa’s side, we’re committed to providing you with the most enjoyable stitching journey imaginable!


Hello there, lovely stitcher I’m Alyssa! I am the proud designer and owner behind Stitchonomy and the host of The Pattern Club!

For five wonderful years, cross stitch design has been my full-time passion and profession. I’m delighted to share it with the world and with you.

You might have spotted my designs on the pages of your favorite cross stitch magazines and my book Cross Stitch Collages features 200 small patterns arranged in 10 beautiful collages.

But it’s not all about work; I’m also an avid traveler and adventurer, always seeking new inspirations for our cross stitch patterns.

Beyond running the Stitchonomy Store and The Pattern Club, I love hosting Stitch Alongs throughout the year. It’s a fantastic way to connect with fellow stitchers and work on projects together!


Hi, I’m Lisanne, Stitchonomy’s Virtual Assistant!

I’m the one working behind the scenes to keep the Stitchonomy ship sailing smoothly. 

Handling everything necessary to run our creative hub is my forte, and my long-standing friendship with Alyssa makes our collaboration feel like a joyful reunion.

My creative flair and graphic skills are the secret ingredients that add a dash of magic to our cross stitch wonders. 

Rest assured, I’m here to ensure that your experience with us is absolutely fantastic!

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