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    New here? Introduce yourself! Get to know the other club members and maybe even find someone local to meet up with and stitch!

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    Testing out the features of the website. After a 20 yr hiatus, I picked up my needle in August after losing my job. The Winter SAL will be my first Stitchonomy project.

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    Hi, Tammy here. Excited to join Stitchonomy in this new adventure! But it felt odd cancelling my Patreon.

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    Hello, I am Karen from southeast Ohio! I have been following Alyssa for a little over the year now! I am 40 y/o and have stitches on and off since I was 10. I do not have a favorite designer. I used to stitch a lot of Noah’s Ark, Christmas ornaments, birth and marriage announcements. I had always stitched from a kit. I have definitely moved out of my comfort zone! Thank you, Alyssa!

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    Hi, I am Donna from Maryland. This is my second stitch along with Alyssa and I am loving it!

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    Hi, I’m Karin. This is my first stitch-along with Alyssa!

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    Hi I am Bernadette from Massachusetts USA. this is my second SAL with Alyssa. I have not needle pointed in a long time. I also crochet. The Winter SAL gives me something to look forward to in the bleak cold New England winter.

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    Hi! I’m Jessica from Iowa. I’ve been doing all the stitch-a-alongs (and been a Patreon) for over a year! When I cancelled Patreon it revoked my access (yikes) instead of keeping it through Dec 31 so I’m worried I’m going to miss more information on the new site. I’m here, though, so yay!! I’ll figure it out 🙂

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    Thanks for the link Alyssa. I had to use a different email address but I’m in! Yay! Day 2 of SAL done! I’m Steph from Toronto in Canada. I was commissioned last Christmas for a project and it had been 20 years since I stitched. I did your Halloween SAL and a Christmas SAL by another designer and now your Winter SAL. I made some bookmarks for my Christmas cards this year. I’m looking forward to a fun SAL.

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    Hi! My name is Alissa. I live in North Carolina, USA. I was a supporter on Patreon and I am looking forward to the changes and new stuff for this site. I learned to cross stitch when I was a kid. I stopped for a whole but picked it back up in my 20s. It is a great way to destress so I love all the patterns that get released here. My list of potential WIPs is constantly growing 🙂

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    Hi, MY name is Justine. I am in Petawawa, Ontario, Canada. Looking forward to this new platform

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    Hi, my name is Mascha. I live in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. I have been a supporter on Patreon for a while and I am looking forward to seeing the new stuff on here. I’ve done three SAL’s if I remember correctly (still need to finish two whoops) and I am looking forward to participate in a new one, as soon as my ever growing WIP-list stops growing… Or I’ve finished at least a few on that list

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    My Name is Nancy. I live in Bavaria/Germany. I am 40.
    And have a beautiful family counting my Husband, my baby girl & angel boy (3yo) and 2 cats.
    I foud the FB Group and joined for the Halloween pattern ^^ havent startet that one yet.
    But the WinterSal is up to date. I do needlework (with and without perls, blackwork and crossstich) on and off since about 20 years. I also knit, sew, crochet and bake.

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    Hello! I’m Stephanie and I live in Florida. I’ve only been on Patreon for about a month and the Winter stitch-a-long is my first. I’ve been stitching for about 30 years, but stopped for a few years and recently picked it up again. I’m looking forward to chatting with y’all.

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    Hi I’m Angela, nice to meet everyone. Looking forward to the new platform. I live in Virginia.

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    Hi I’m Kim I live in the UK. Finally managed to transfer over to this new site after many attempts and a cancelled card. My new Aida has arrived and been gridded now to get started on the Winter SAL.

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