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Cross Stitch Collages Book


Unleash your creativity with our Cross Stitch Collages Book. This inspiring book is a treasure trove of DIY masterpieces, offering a collection of cross-stitch collages for every crafting enthusiast. Create your own masterpiece today!

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Cross Stitch Collages: 250 Tiny Patterns & 20 Cool Projects

Language: English & Dutch
First Edition
Rlease date: Nov 17th 2020
Author: Alyssa Westhoek
Publisher: Livres de Louise
EAN: 9789083079202

This is the first book by Alyssa Westhoek from Stitchonomy! In this book you will find no less than 250 tiny patterns, carefully assembled in 10 beautiful collages.

Cross Stitch Collages is also packed with cross stitch inspiration. With 20 cool projects, Alyssa shows how versatile, modern and colorful cross stitch can be!

But Cross Stitch Collages is much more than just a book of cross stitch patterns! There is a special stencil on the cover of the book that you can use to easily make a grid on all kinds of surfaces and then cross stitch on it!

Think of all kinds of textiles, but also on paper and on canvas. In the book you will find many more ideas, each one with a clear explanation, tips & tricks in English & Dutch!

Cross Stitch Collages is suitable for both beginners and advanced cross stitchers.

The first part of the book gives a clear explanation (English & Dutch) about the required materials and the stitching techniques. The book itself contains useful tips & tricks as well as fun and original cross stitch variations!

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