Unveiling Our Plans: The Pattern Club In 2024!

Dearest Pattern Club Member!

Hold onto your hoops because we’ve got some needle-dropping news to share!
The Pattern Club is gearing up for a fabulous transformation, and we can’t wait to stitch this journey together with you.

Starting January 1st, 2024, we’re unveiling a brand-new platform to elevate your stitching experience.

Welcome to the Future of The Pattern Club! Introducing our dazzling new platform with:

1. Groups for sharing your stitchy secrets
2. Forums for endless stitch-spiration
3. Loyalty program where earning starts NOW, and spending begins in January Plus
4. A shiny new affiliate system – your earnings magically turn into points! Trade points for goodies
5. show off your stitchy prowess with badges on your profile.
6. Earn Your Stitchy Stripes! Badges, badges, badges! Get ready to be adorned for your stitching triumphs.
We’ve assigned all badges retrospectively, and we’re cooking up some special treats with previous SAL badges!
Completely New Website Branding
 Say farewell to Discord. All messaging, private and group, will be right here
on this platform.

Since you are already part of our stitch-tastic family, you’re will become a LEGACY MEMBER!
Keep your current membership plan at the same sweet price as always, as long as you stay with us. No tricks, just treats!


Monthly: $9.99
Yearly: $96
Lifetime: $325

Half Year Memberships will be discontinued. If you are a member with a half year plan you will also become a Legacy Member at the same price as your current plan. If you would like to make use of the discounted 6 month plan we would kindly ask you to switch before January 1st 2024!

Club Makeover Maintenance!

December will be our maintenance month.
From December 4th to December 8th The Pattern Club will be partially down – You’ll have access to your account and patterns (yay!) But no adding new patterns (boo!)

Brace yourself for three weeks of BETA testing – your chance to be a stitching superhero and report any quirks or issues. 

Let’s make 2024 the year of endless stitches, laughter, and pure stitching joy!

Warmest Wishes,
Alyssa & Jasper
The Pattern Club Team


  1. It promises to be wonderful.
    I sort of wish we could keep discord.
    There are great things on the platform from our fellow stitchers.
    Can those files be merged so we can still access the shared patterns and ideas?

    1. Hi! Billing and invoices can be found in your Membership: located when you click on your profile picture, the card icon at the bottom of the left navigation bar or via this direct link